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Monthly Income and Expenses

May 23rd, 2014 at 01:25 pm

I would normally post my whole monthly expenses and income but it is always fluctuating. I get paid weekly and my fiance gets monthly commission. Plus our expenses are always fluctuating because of the extra income. I do budget about 6 months in advance so I have a plan. Basically without having to post so much detail about my budget, my total debt will look like this:

Now: $67,396
9/1/14: $62,832
1/1/15: $55,570

SO I can have $4,500 paid off in 3 months, and a total of about $12,000 paid off by the end of the year. At that point we should get a good tax return soon and also have extra money each month to pay toward more debt or to create an emergency savings. I actually think along the way I would like to build up at least $1,000 in an EF. What do you guys think?

First Post - List of all Debts (67k)

May 21st, 2014 at 09:57 pm

Hi guys. This is my plan to pay off all my debt and to create a savings for me and my family. I have 2 young boys, 3 and 1, and a fiance. We are both in our mid twenties and we have put ourselves in quite some debt. We just bought a house and currently have a lot of monthly expenses. I will use this blog as a motivation to get out of debt, and to also create a savings for us. Here is a list of all our debts:

Kays CC ---------392
WF CC-----------595
Lowes CC---------710
Walmart CC-------947
GE Capital CC-----1152
Cap 1 CC---------1298
Student Loan #1---2213
Court Fees--------2492
Care CC----------3495
Car 1------------9672
Car 2------------21605
Student Loan #2---21500




I will post my monthly income/expenses and any money that went to debt and will keep track month to month. For now I will pay off debt and will try to sell stuff to get more money into an Emergency Fund. Thank you to all who is looking and coming onboard!